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Steam Generators

Engineer and Design of:     

  • Steam boilers for power plants

  • Steam boilers for utility plants, power, thermal energy and industrial plants

  • Hot water boilers

  • Waste heat boilers

  • CO boilers

  • Boilers for coal gasification plants

  • Waste heat plants behind gas turbines (GUD)

  • Refuse incinerators for municipal and industrial waste 

Combustion Plants

Engineer and Design of:

  • Combustion equipment for solid, liquid and gaseous fuels

  • Circulating fluidized bed plants

Steal Plate and Structure Construction

Engineer and Design of:

  • Steel Construction for steam generator plants

  • Cold and hot air ducts

  • Chute and hoppers for coal handling plants

  • Flue gas ducts & dampers

  • Coal dust pipe

  • Coal hopper

Vessel Device Engineering

Engineer and Design of:

  • Vessels and apparatus for steam generator plants

  • Industrial and chemical plants

Ash and Material Handling

Engineer and Design of:

  • Complete dry & wet ash handling applications

  • Hydraulic conveying systems (low & high density)

  • Pneumatic and mechanical fly ash systems

  • Mill rejects

  • Ash disposal and storage

  • Required Single Components

  • Crushers

Piping Systems

Engineer and Design of:

  • Piping systems (mid and high pressure)

  • Cooling water for thermal and nuclear power stations

  • Piping systems for chemical plants

  • Piping systems for industrial plants

  • Pipeline components (collectors, spray type at temporators, start-up and drain flash tanks)

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